For Life and Love

Hand-in-hand we go
and let life go on
neither this earth nor heaven
let life be our destination

Let us not look back
for what we've lost
let us enjoy the warmth
of our togetherness
let my heartbeat say aloud
we are one
let's live life in the
shade of love

May we flow for ever
with the joy
may every day be colorful
in our lives
may this caravan of love
never stop
may the music of love
stir our heartstrings forever

Hand-in-hand we go
life is our only destination.

Words are like an arrow. Once you shoot, it is out of your hand and cannot be brought back. So, think carefully before you speak.
― Satish Tandon
If someone hurt you don't burn yourself in the fire of revenge. The person or persons who wronged you will surely receive punishment from their creator.
― Satish Tandon
Do bad and bad will eventually catch you; do good and god will get you.
― Satish Tandon
Only human beings get choices and the freedom to choose; but we do not get the freedom to escape from the consequences of our choice.
― Satish Tandon
Life returns whatever you throw at it. Love and respect others, if you want to be loved and respected.
― Satish Tandon